We launched soundarguments.com on July 2016 with one goal in mind; To establish an online community that shares and discusses highly debated issues that touch our reality as Americans and global citizens.  We mainly tackle misconceptions and topics about issues that can be sensitive. We figured that touching upon sensitive issues is one way to help people better understand the world and stay informed.

Our intent is to tackle some of the most controversial topics, with the goal of making individuals throughout the world more aware and informed. We strive to fosters independent research, that analyzes foreign policy, religion and international affairs from a perspective that reflects awareness, understanding and open mindedness.

Our work is driven by our desire to challenge the common beliefs, and investigate misconceptions through continuous, fact-based research and analysis. We empower readers by providing information and short analysis about issues that are not clearly understood by the average citizen. We want our work to reach as many people as possible, and we encourage our readers to voice their opinions or argue against our findings through sound arguments and clear proof.

Soundarguments.com’s research and articles support relevant research on issues that are crucial to our nation, but reach beyond the limit of any country. By discussing controversial issues we are saying that we are unafraid to upset the status quo, to satisfy our appetite for discussion and communication.

We focus on issues of Religion, Society, International Politics through blog posts that won’t take more than 5 minutes to read. Our work challenges ourselves and our readers to engage in discourses that bring us together not separates us.


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